10 habits to be more productive at work

We all seek to be able to develop a large workload according to the time and means at our disposal. But to achieve this, some habits are excellent. Here are 10 to be more productive at work.

Plan the days

Apart from professional appointments during the day where this is unavoidable, keeping a daily and weekly agenda allows you to divide the week/day into highlights, in precise sequences. Establishing a roadmap punctuated with stages is a powerful way to increase productivity because a well organized day over time is addressed more effectively.

1 task at a time

Even if your schedule is overloaded, try to do everything – or almost – at the same time is an error because you drastically lose concentration and therefore productivity. Conversely, working on one file at a time is ideal for maintaining focus and accomplishing all the tasks that await you later.

Carry out regular monitoring

To be productive , your gray matter needs to be alert, your brain needs some kind of regular updating. Also, keeping up to date on a daily basis latest news and the latest trends in a wide range of fields is beneficial for benefiting from good brain stimulation.

Set goals (achievable!)

Determining goals and objectives to achieve is essential to developing a strong workload, and high quality work. Because you will thus be 100% mobilized on the achievement of these objectives such as the gain of x new customers per month or the increase of x% of your company’s turnover. What to do once the objectives have been achieved? Well fix some new ones!

Prioritize the tasks to be accomplished

By drawing up a list of priority actions, you will be able to mobilize your mental capacities on tasks with high added value. And the “secondary” tasks will then be all the more easily done as you will have a free mind by the fact of having carried out “the biggest”.

To take notes

An idea for a next campaign marketing? A future project to propose to a client? Everything that is important in your head must be put on paper, even summarily. It frees your mind and gives you the opportunity to be fully involved in what you have to do in the moment.

Take breaks

Nothing like giving your self a few moments of break in a day to breathe and think about something else in order to be 100% efficient again. The valve needs to release pressure! Go outside for a few minutes, you will see that it is terribly effective.

Eliminate the superfluous!

In other words: track wasted time, banish unnecessary distractions. Are you certain, for example, that your personal Facebook and Twitter accounts must absolutely and constantly remain open when you are working on a client file? Mmm not so sure!

After work, it’s more work!

The temptation is great when you are passionate about your work or simply overloaded with continuing your day at home, on weekday evenings and even on weekends. Bravo, it’s the best way to explode! You have to know, and even sometimes force yourself, to make a real break after your day’s work. Each day is enough of a pain, as the saying goes. You will be able to be fully again the next morning!

Exercise, eat well, rest well

Obvious advice you say? But how many actually follow him? A bad lunchtime sandwich with very greasy fries, never, oh, never exercise, few hours of sleep… Unfortunately, this is the lot of many people. Those who, on the contrary, walk/run regularly or cycle or go swimming a few lengths and who make sure to have a balanced diet and enough hours of sleep… They are the ones who are the most productive in the work . Because they are simply good in their bodies and therefore necessarily good in their minds: no more tensions, welcome efficiency.

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