20 business prospecting tips with LinkedIn

Claiming the trifle of 400 million users worldwide and more than 10 million in France alone, LinkedIn is the essential social media platform to add to your Marketing strategy. Here are 20 tips for carrying out commercial prospecting.

1. Take care of your URL

You can modify the url of your LinkedIn account replacing the long series of numbers with the name of your company or brand. A good way to take care of your image and make yourself visible.

2. Target precisely

The platform’s advanced search tool will allow you to finely segment the contacts you want to prospect: geographical area, sector of activity, position held, size of the company… Then issue the invitations.

3. Use In-mail

In-mail is LinkedIn ‘s internal messaging system which gives you the possibility of directly contacting the decision-makers you wish to reach. An excellent way to overcome the standard barrier in business.

4. Follow the news of your targets

The more you know your contacts, the more your chances of hitting the mark. Prospecting will be large. Also, follow their news and what they publish in order to enter their circle of relations and exchange in order to build a lasting relationship with them.

5. Integrate groups

In the same vein, the discussion groups are an excellent way to find out more about a particular target, their job, their environment, their issues…

6. Work on your own profile

Your profile must be 100% complete and detailed in order to communicate effectively with contacts who may come to visit you. Links to your site and/or your offer must in particular be clearly visible, as must the main information concerning your company: expertise, strengths, experience, references, achievements, etc.

7. Develop content

Use the springs of the inbound marketing on LinkedIn to bait the barge! It’s up to you to publish relevant, engaging, instructive information and content that positions you as an expert in your field and always puts you in the spotlight.

8. Check your visitors

LinkedIn allows you to know “who has viewed your profile”, so you might as well use it to check if these visitors are among your priority targets and, if necessary, get closer to them by initiating a discussion via email in particular.

9. Optimize your profile

By inserting strategic keywords in various places in your LinkedIn account , you will considerably increase your visibility towards potential contacts carrying out a search on their side.

10. Promote your offer

In the Summary, experience and training section, LinkedIn allows you to post videos, documents, photos and other links that will allow you to highlight your achievements or a product demo. An excellent communication tool not to be overlooked!

11. Use the Open Profile

If the network Open Profile is open only to members of a Premium account, some members however agree to receive emails from people who are not in their contacts. A great way to expand the base of potential customers.

12. Use a contact to connect with another

If you want to target a person who is not yet part of your relationship and you think that your approach may not be successful, go in this case through an intermediary contact. Because LinkedIn tells you the person(s) you have in common, allowing you to be put in touch through this.

13. Transfer your contacts

To carry out an emailing operation, for example, you can export your LinkedIn contacts in one go. Go to Network then Settings and Advanced Settings. Finally, click on Export LinkedIn contacts.

14. Contact group members

By having joined a group, you will have the possibility of entering into direct contact with its members, even if they are not part of your network.

15. Use Pulse

Pulse is a section of LinkedIn that offers the possibility of collecting content in total adequacy with your centers of interest. An ideal tool for monitoring a particular contact in order to get to know them better and therefore to better target their needs.

16. Opt for LinkedIn Ads

This service paid advertising has the great advantage of precisely targeting the audience of your advertising: sector, size of the company, geographical area, position held…

17. Relay your blog posts

To make LinkedIn a powerful vector for generating leads, it is essential to relay the articles of your blog. Interested visitors will then go directly to your site, thus taking a significant step towards you.

18. Put the package on the Company page

If your personal profile must be particularly neat, that of your company too. LinkedIn has also evolved the Company pages, allowing them to now appear as the most complete mini-sites. So put the package on this aspect!

19. Create Showcase Pages

In the same vein, you have the option of generating Showcase Pages: these are pages affiliated with your company page and on which you can promote your offer, your achievements and highlight anything that could generate interest. interest of your contacts while making you more visible.

20. Analyze your stats

By going to the Analysis tab of the Business pages, you will be able to follow the performance and effectiveness of the content you have published while obtaining information on those who follow you.


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