7 tips for planing your B2B digital communication

If you want to be sure to send your Marketing strategy digital B2B, it is therefore urgent to follow these few tips! Bad results guaranteed!

Take it easy on social media

A website and a blog is that enough for digital media? Social networks are nice but hey, it’s more to do the mariolle between friends? Bravo, crash guaranteed! Not carrying out intense efforts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and co is a real mistake. Because65% of social sellers have benefited from an increase in their sales thanks to social media and 80% of leads converted into B2B come in particular from LinkedIn. Not to mention the fact that your competitors are already present and active on social platforms and enjoy great visibility. So to plant you well, leave aside social networks.

Neglect responsive sites

Mobile browsing already weighs heavier than PC browsing(51%/49%) and the new habits of consumers in terms of seeking information and in terms of purchasing behavior also give pride of place to mobile. France is now mobile first: 26.3 million French people connect to the web on smartphones every day, the country recorded a gain of 2.5 million mobile users in just one year between 2015 and 2016…

If you are looking to lose business opportunities, PDM and turnover, the best thing is not to go all out on ever more fluid, ergonomic and functional mobile sites.

Offer little content

The content-marketing is a strategic weapon that must be an imperative for all companies present on the web. Because consumers are waiting for useful content, informative, entertaining, engaging and…fresh! Also, brands that do not create enough content on a regular basis will irretrievably lose business opportunities, will see their notoriety and visibility drop significantly.

Don’t be cross-channel

The consumer 2.0 has freed himself from the traditional paths of purchase at a physical point of sale and now adopts a cross-channel behavior: e-commerce (35.5 million cybershoppers) and m-commerce (19% of French people), t -commerce (27% of consumers in France use it), ROPO, in-store pick-up (68%), click-and collect and other showrooming (84% of Smartphone owners have used it at least once). If you want to crash your digital communications, then don’t integrate cross-channel into your approach.

Skip videos

Video, a gimmick? Not at all because it already generated nearly 65% ​​of global Internet traffic in 2015 and will represent in 2019 nearly 80%!

In the shorter term and just for France, the medium will attract 80% of traffic by 2018. And in terms of gaining traffic on websites, here again, brands have everything to gain by designing and publishing videos since 43% of Internet users who have watched a video go immediately to the source site. Also, for really zero digital communication, skip the videos!

So so the blog

Regularly feed your brand’s blog by having previously defined a realeditorial strategy, what’s the point ? Do you have any other digital cats to fry? Too bad because nearly 70% of B2B buyers collect information on the blog of companies before taking action and B2B companies that publish even only once or twice a month garner 70% more leads than those who do nothing. Another number maybe? brands that blog have 434% more indexed pages on search engines.

If you do not want to be visible on the web, position yourself as an expert, increase your notoriety and you absolutely do not want to win new customers, in this case do not blog!

Take it easy on SEO

Be lazy if not lax on the SEO referencing is the best way to bring down a company’s commercial performance and destroy its digital communication. The overwhelming majority of Internet users do not go further than the first page of search engine results, 93% of B2B buyers search via Google and others and 86% of IT buyers in B2B as well… So for you hide from everyone’s eyes, not be visible at all, in short to stay quiet in your corner, drop the SEO!

Blog, content, SEO, video, mobility, cross-channel, social networks… To crash your digital communication in B2B, you now know what to neglect!

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