How to promote your business blog?

The company blog or a brand is a support as essential as it is inseparable from a digital marketing strategy. It is one of the preferred points of contact for developing online prospecting and attracting customers . But it still needs to have the right audience .
How to promote your blog? Our advices.

Work the bottom!

Working on the substance of the content published on a blog is the starting point. Because your blog will have to be a support of publications that are at the same time relevant, interesting, informative, instructive and engaging .

Articles and other media (videos, infographics, case studies…) will be designed and worked with the aim of representing a real interest for the intended target but also to make them want to share them, to redistribute them.

Take care of the form

In other words: apply the essential rules to optimize your SEO referencing, that is to say your positioning in search engines, Google in the lead of course.

Key words and phrases should be highlighted in titles and meta-descriptions, but also in subtitles and paragraphs of articles.

Also, incoming and outgoing links must be inserted in the texts, because Google takes very seriously the operations of backlink and net linking in the referencing of blogs.

To make your blog known, SEO is therefore a strategic card to shoot down !

It must be correlated with the sector of activity of your brand, the target to be reached, your market and your competition .

Disseminate content and relay it

As soon as content has been published on the blog, it is a question of relaying it immediately on the maximum number of points of contact between the brand and its community (social media, partner networks, bloggers,influencers…).

Social networks are essential and terribly effective! This can take the form of a tweet with the title and the hook of an article, or a short publication on Facebook and LinkedIn that encourages you to go to the blog to read it…

In this matter, the news letter that you will send to your customers and prospects will also fulfill this relay function wonderfully.

Other distribution media are interesting, such as the famous social bookmarking sites. They allow users to find content relevant to their interests.

By proposing the publication of articles on such platforms, the audience of the blog can be considerably enlarged .

Another interesting relay point: blogs with a similar theme .

The idea is to take part in discussions on the forums or to leave comments . The interest is both to position oneself as an expert on the question but also to attract new readers to the blog. Thematic news sites can also prove to be effective levers: they often bring together several thousand readers.

Also, the good idea is to propose to the persons in charge of these sites to post in their columns an article resulting from its blog .

Encourage sharing

Making your blog known inevitably involves virtual word-of-mouth!

It is thus necessary to give the possibility to each member of his community to be able to relay the content on their own social network accounts .

An operation that ultimately allows to multiply the impact in terms of visibility.

Inserting Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn or even G+ sharing links in articles and other content is therefore essential .

To be rigorous !

You will not be able to give a wide audience to your blog if you are not rigorous and hardworking!

You have to stick to a fairly steady pace in terms of content production and publications, at least once a week . Otherwise, Google will send you to oblivion and your readers will gradually abandon you.

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