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Believe in Yourself and Never Give Up

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Throughout history, there have been many great people, scholars, heroes, and icons. All having different origins, goals, positions and ideas, yet they all have one thing in common. They never stopped believing in themselves.

Now, I know what you are thinking...this sounds a bit like a cliche opening to college paper, and you would not be wrong. I am simply pointing out the obvious. To be good at anything, one must believe that they will actually be good at that thing.

History lesson! How many times did it take Thomas Edison to invent the light bulb? I'll give you a hint, it was not on the 1st try...or the 100th...or the 1000th! It took him 10,000 tries to perfect the light bulb. Some might say that that would make him a failure, and it does. 9999 times to be exact. Imagine if he would have stopped at 3310th try? Rather, he never gave up, and some dare to say he is a genius, a visionary, and a hero. He never stopped believing in himself or his visions.

Hey You...yah you, the one reading this thing. You are no different. You can be great! People everyday are inventing light bulbs of their own. Is there failure? Yes, a ton of it! It is alright, this is how we learn. However, what separates the average person and the ones who changes history, are the one's that never stop believing in themselves.