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Brave Browser: Rewards, Private, Safe, Secure.

Updated: Feb 26

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I have been using Brave Browser for about a month now and am loving it! What initially attracted me to the browser was the ability to view ads for some additional income, BAT tokens. BAT (Basic Attention Coin) is a block chain token which whole ecosystem is based off of.

With Brave, all the ads you view are 100% optional and only are based off of your search history, and not personal data collection. Moreover, the ads you have a choice of viewing are ONLY through the Brave Browser, and all other ads on the internet are Blocked.

You can also exchange it for a fiat currency as shown in the picture below.

This is my Brave account just after about 5 weeks of use. You can see how many ads are blocked from conventional sights. This is a huge time-saver as normally I would spend some time scrolling up and down a web page trying to get the banner disappear. It was very annoying.

This is a web page from Investopedia where I can quick search some financial terms and information. This was looked up on Google Chrome. We can see the HUGE upper banner ad and the side banner ad. Both are very distracting.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the same web page looked up on the Brave Browser. Much cleaner and how looking stuff up should be. Once you get use to the new way of surfing the web, you will never want to go back. Oh, this is also true for all pop-up ads and ads on YouTube.

Brave Browser offers these "Shields" that prevent these things from happening. They keep track of them and and will display them on every sight. Once this kind of information is made apparent to the user, it is quite startling just how much they track your internet movement.

Conventional big data corporations take advantage of people by tracking their data. Brave puts a stop to all of that and keeps the users data secure.

An ad popped up while I was writing this post to show how invasive it is. Remember, they are 100% optional, you don't even have to see that. But if you click on it, you get pain in BAT.

My overall experience with Brave Browser is rediscovering what it feels like to surf the internet with confidence, knowing that my private data is secure. That all of the large annoying ads are blocked and makes the internet a cleaner working environment. I also live the fact that I have the option to Get Paid to view ads that are 100% optional! Instead of the large big data corporation running a monopoly, it seems like Brave Browser is David in an industry of Data Goliaths.

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