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Our Must Read Books.

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Investing Books:

The Best Investment Book Ever Written...For The Novice Investor

  • Analysis for the Novice Investor.

  • Basic Market Terminology

  • Long-Term Value Investing.

  • Good Overview of Investing Psychology

  • For people with Financial Advisers or Self-Investing.

The Best Investment Book Ever Written...For The Advanced Investor

  • Analysis for the Advanced Investor

  • Advanced Financial Examples and Analysis

  • Logic, Reasoning, and Philosophical Approach to Value Investing

  • Heavily Based on Fundamentals.

 Mindset and Mentality:

  • Mindset Required to Invest and Trade.

  • A plethora of personal psychological habit and strategies.

  • Stock Market Analysis

  • Money Management

  • How the Wealthy make their money.

  • How to stop being like the 99% of Americans.

  • How to make your money work for you.

  • Positive Personal Psychology and Mindset to be successful.

  • Stories about Great Icons like Charles Schwab, Henry Ford, and many others.

  • Never Giving Up. 

  • Deep Dive into the Human Psyche and the Decision making process.

  • What we think is right at a glance is not always the case.

  • Question your Intuition

  • Mindset Behind how to be Financially Free.

  • People who make a lot of money, can still be poor.

  • How to stop being like the 99%

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Stock Research

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Foreign Exchange and Commodities